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Naturally used to tighten, brighten and stretch the skin, eliminates acne and freckles while improving blood circulation. Also acts as antioxidant to stay beautiful and charming both for men & women.

Firming & whitening to stay younger.

We Provide the Essentials for your Brain

Anakku Hebat Brain Booster product has been successfully launched in 2020. Anakku Hebat Brain Booster Product has many unique benefits such as Omega 3, DHA, Multivitamin, Inulin and Lutien. Its nutrients are suitable for distressed child users such as drowsiness and inattentive on learning

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We deliver products that are made with high quality, all natural ingredients that have gone through rigorous scientific research for you to achieve optimum health and wellness.

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Our true organic fair trade farming and ISO standard quality control at each and every stages of processing/manufacturing which delivers the finest IQ Revolution products at international standards.


Our products carrying a seal of GMP & HACCP guarantees genuineness in the organic production system and confirms mandatory standards. We maintain the consistency in quality by aiming customer satisfaction.


Our products are strictly produced by efficient usage of land and soil, without using any chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. All are free from genetically modified organisms to keep our products as organic.

Keeping Brain Healthy!

Anakku Hebat Brain Booster has combined the goodness of multiple ingredients, scientifically & clinically researched, and proven to be beneficial in supporting brain health, especially for people who need to maintain a healthy and active brain performance, and reduce the deterioration of memory, more importantly to practically boost your brain for better.

Anakku Hebat Brain Booster Ingredients

Omega 3 & DHA





Habbatus Sauda



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All ingredients are pure, clean, natural & organic. There are no artificial ingredients, preservatives or chemicals.